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At the tender age of 43 years old, living her best life, Clare suffered a heart attack and a stroke in January 2020 and has been desperately trying to regain her mobility ever since to enable her to be the best mother to her 2 wonderful young sons, wife to her husband and to rehabilitate back to a life she recognises. I will let Sue tell your their story and their journey so far.....

In the past year, Clare has come on so well, and has achieved all the initial goals she set herself; walking to school to collect her children; preparing meals in advance in slow cooker, batch cooking and developing a little more independence.

When I first started walking with Clare she was able to take a few steps, but we had very short walks and ended up sitting down every few metres. We worked out where the bus stops with seats were located, which part of the park had benches in, and made a beeline for them, and planned our walk around them.

After practicing and regular walks, Clare and I have walked to her nearest Costa, progressed to her friend’s house, walked to a café in Windsor Marina and had a coffee there, and so on. We regularly walk for over an hour or so without sitting down now. She has amazed me, she has done so well.

Clare’s confidence has built enormously, and she has sent me photos of herself outside the children’s school, and her friend’s house, having walked there by herself. She has worked so very hard to build up her stamina and independence, and seems to be happier in herself because she is less dependent on others.

We do have more targets to achieve.. a bus trip to Windsor; longer walks, but she is a very determined woman and I’m sure she’ll get there.

I find it immensely rewarding, watching Clare make more steps to independence, and although the road to recovery isn’t easy, I have found her determination awe inspiring.

Every time I get home after spending time with Clare, I feel such a sense pride in her, and her achievements.

She is lucky to have such a supportive family and group of friends as well, who do so very much. Her children are growing up fast and a real credit to her and her husband’s teamwork and parenting skills.

Thank you so much Wellbeing Circle for allowing me a glimpse into their life, and the opportunity to make a very small difference.

Nobody would choose to have a stroke in their early 40s, with two primary-school aged children, but Clare is such an inspiration to me.

Thank you Sasha

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