Sheila and Jess went to help Mrs S, who has very limited mobility and can no longer tend her garden. We were faced with an overgrown garden, Jess tackled the evil brambles and overgrown honeysuckle, whilst Sheila set to work with the electric mower , cutting as much of the lawn as could be reached with the length of power cord available. Once the mowing was finished, Sheila also moved on to bramble -cutting duty. It was nice to see the neighbours popping in with some shopping for Mrs S, and her brother also visited while we were there. At the end of the session we had filled 6 bin bags with green waste, and the garden looked much tidier and inviting to sit in once the weather warms up. There is more that could be done - finishing mowing the rest of the lawn with an extension lead, and there are a couple of rampant buddleias that need cutting back.

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