Levi's 'circle of support'

Picture of Levi and his guide dog

For a number of months now we have been supporting a lovely gentleman called Levi to create a 'circle of support' around him to aid his living a more engaged and active lifestyle. Some of the many tasks we have assisted Levi with include, food shopping, creating an outside space in his garden, planting flower beds during the summer months, bespoke 1-1 IT support to demystify the Internet and designing a rota for volunteers to walk his guide dog (allowing Hugo- his dog- the chance to enjoy being a dog and get a day off!).

Levi will be experiencing the thrill of a Tandem Skydive, a lifetime ambition of his and one during which he has asked if we could help him raise funds on behalf of the Guide Dogs.

Since losing his sight, having Hugo by his side has provided a lifeline and companion, allowing him to become more independent and to regain his confidence. Being able to raise money and awareness of the services Guide dogs offer to people like Levi is something we can help with. He enjoys and is an active volunteer himself with the East Berkshire Fundraising Group. What a truly amazing opportunity he has to raise awareness and I'm sure we can help him with this endeavour.

If you wish to donate to this fantastic charity and support Levi in his fundraising target then feel follow the link below:


Levi is a hugely inspirational person who radiates positivity and kindness at all times and we wish him the very best undertaking this amazing challenge he has set himself.

Levi has been supported hugely by Nick Bradshaw one of our dedicated Wellbeing Volunteers that offered to help Levi last year and over the last 5 months has become not only a volunteer but a close friend during that time and shall be accompanying Levi when he makes his jump - we very much look forward to hearing more news from him soon.....

Shay Bottomley, local journalist for the Maidenhead Advertiser also visited Levi this week, follow link below to read further;


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